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Community protection is changing.

Community policing. Evidence-based policing. Profiling. The relentless news cycle. New York City. Los Angeles. Baltimore. And your community. You have seen the headlines. A changing world means rising risks. At any moment, your community could be in the national spotlight and on the brink of coming apart. You cannot avoid all risks. But you can prepare for them.

You can prepare your community protection professionals for the situations they face in the real world. In the most realistic way possible. So they will respond calmly and appropriately.
That’s why we’re here.

Train your community's guardians – for the real world.

Shootings involving law enforcement tear communities apart. They tear families apart. They tear lives apart. You can reduce the risks and help save lives. As a leader, you can help keep everyone in your community – your citizens, your visitors, your guardians – everyone – safe. Atlas Defense uses a one-of-a-kind integrated system that places your officers in real scenarios – with real actors – and real guns and ammunition.

Atlas Defense

Atlas Defense helps you protect your community.

Atlas Defense delivers realistic, real-time, real-world training to prepare your protection professionals for the world they really face. No video simulators. No canned computer programs with predictable pixelated perpetrators. No blanks. No fake firearms. And no risk to your guardians. Atlas Defense training is real – and it’s safe. Our world class instructors are the best of the best. Highly trained protection specialists. We have been there. We know what it’s like. Where the risks are changing and rising every day. So we tailor training for your community protection professionals. So they will respond appropriately, to protect your community. And maintain calm and safety.

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Atlas Defense training. As real as it gets. To protect lives and communities.